Mazatlán organic market celebrates its eleventh season, find out where and when


Every Saturday in the Zaragoza square you can find the sale of organic, environmentally friendly products, prepared foods, handicrafts, natural cosmetics, plants, and even artistic presentations

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Organic Market of Mazatlán is celebrating its eleventh season, since last Saturday, November 13 and until March 2022 in the Zaragoza square, you can find the sale of organic, environmentally friendly products, prepared foods, handicrafts, natural cosmetics, plants, and even artistic presentations.

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Hector Ureña, a producer of meats, dairy products, and their derivatives, commented that although it is true that most of its consumers are from the North American community living in the port, a lot of work has been done so that local people participate and consume these types of products.

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Janet Blaser of American origin and co-founder of the market said that it was there in 2011 when, together with Verónica Rico, she undertook this new concept in Mazatlán.

“Starting with the organic market was one of my original ideas when I moved to Mazatlán 14 years ago from California. In California there were markings and I knew how they worked, I believed that because Sinaloa is a very agricultural state, I had to have organic products, but in normal markets there are none, “she said.

She added that at that time they started with 12 producers or merchants, today no more than 30.

“I am proud to be part of this movement and I am excited to see its growth year after year,” she said.

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Jorge Sánchez, a producer, pointed out that organic products are a lifestyle that has to do mainly with health.

“Talking about organic products is talking about a lifestyle that has to do mainly with the health area, the process seems to be very simple, however, the first step that farmers in the field or urban farmers have to take, it is precisely to be convinced of what they are going to do, because many times we consider a new activity not because of the fact that we are convinced, but because it goes on the wave as a fashion “


Guadalupe Aguilar, a member of the market, mentioned that more than buying and selling products, the market is also a social meeting space where organic and environmental culture is promoted.

“More than buying and selling we are interested in promoting organic culture, environmental culture, relating in another way with our environment, here we share dance of our local artists, music; food is not only the food of the body, it is also the food of the soul, “

She added that starting this year, there will be educational programs where each of the exhibitors will share a speech or workshop about their product, which is intended to create awareness in the community and break stigmas about organic products.


The Organic Market of Mazatlán is installed every Saturday in Plazuela Zaragoza from 8:00 in the morning to 12:00 in the afternoon.

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