Faced with the ecocide in Mazatlan, young people plant trees in Central Park


The organization Interacción Luciérnaga attended the recently inaugurated Central Park where they invited UAS students to participate in the planting of poppies and an avocado, trees donated by CEAA, and CEMAZ.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For 5 years, a group of enthusiastic young people, with the motivation of caring for and conserving the environment, have become activists with an evolution of environmental awareness in the port, working from different axes to promote and exercise the development of a sustainable society in Mazatlán and other parts of Sinaloa.

Firefly Interaction has the objective of forming humanity in sensitive interaction with nature and cultured by obtaining knowledge of its flora and fauna and in a praxis mode for the evolution of sustainability.

The Planet Earth together with humanity is in danger, the vitality and health of human beings is intrinsically related to nature, the more it is affected the more we are damaged: weak immune system, diseases, cancers, food shortage, extinction of species of flora and fauna, suffering. Results of what an anthropocentric worldview entails, coupled with all the social practices that fix their interests only on monetary capital and nothing else “, expressed Fernando Manjarrez, co-founder of this movement.

In Mazatlan, he emphasized, there are signs of collapse: deficient in water service, “waterfalls” of black waters in the Estero del Yugo, invaded beaches, logging of important green areas such as the mangrove of the Jabalines stream, what was the Bosque de la City and the magical Laguna el Camarón, to name a few.

Interacción Luciérnaga uses various axes such as educational, informative, cultural, artistic, stock with cleaning beaches, green areas and transplanting trees and recently economic thanks to the Naturalist Fairs, where space is offered to promote organic, healthy and/or handcrafted to the beat of art


“Now we are more associations participating with this vision in the port, CEMAZ is one of them, legendary environmentalists from whom we have learned and they light us with torches of knowledge and support. Here we are Mar Eliseo, Jordan Jahaziel and spokesmen for CEMAZ Mario Astorga and Javier Chimaldi, but we are many more, “he mentioned.


Titanic Waves of Consciousness are a series of dynamics that began on October 23 and that consist of cleaning and reporting sewage, such as the Estero del Yugo, other activities on beaches and the transplantation of trees.

Within this dynamic, last week Interacción Luciérnaga went to the recently inaugurated Central Park where they invited young students of the Communication career of the UAS, to be participants in the planting of poppies, trees donated by CEAA (Center for Agricultural and Environmental Education ), and avocado from CEMAZ.

“Few, but symbolic. There will be more transplants, of course, and this time we were accompanied by second-grade students of Communication Sciences from the UAS,” he said.

The actions for more love, contact, interaction and safeguarding of the countless beauties of “the land of the spirit of the deer”, will continue, he said, those who wish to be volunteers and participants are invited to follow the Facebook page Firefly Interaction, where share the agenda and the activities to be carried out.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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