La Noria ask Mazatlan Mayor to repair the road into town


For this three-year period, the main request of the receivership “La Noria”, to the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, is the repair of the main road, announced the trustee, Mario Octavio Salas Riveira.

With the tourist and economic reactivation that the town has registered, the inhabitants of this picturesque place would like to improve the conditions of the rúa that connects them with Mexico 15, in order to offer a more enjoyable access for the visitors who crowd the village.

“It is a very important step that right now is what we are seeing (with the municipal president) if it helps us to build the road. It is to give it a good view and a good arrival, to restructure it when entering to make it look pretty ”.

Although it revealed that the previous state government supported them with the construction of a bicycle lane that changed the image of the town, it is still necessary that the arrival and departure of the receivership do not present potholes, the lines are painted and more signs are installed.


The Mazatlan Post