After the bridge collapse in El Quelite, sales have fallen by 70%


The restaurateurs were forced to lay off 50 percent of their staff and the proposal to recover economically is the construction of a provisional ford, said David Osuna Lizárraga

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Inhabitants of the town of El Quelite go through a complicated situation because as a result of the collapse of the bridge of the Mazatlán-Culiacán free highway, at kilometer 31 after the passage of hurricane “Nora”, the influx of tourism and sales have fallen by as much as 70 percent. 

And not only that, restaurateurs were forced to lay off 50 percent of their staff. But, the most serious and worrying thing is that the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) does not give dates or indications of when the repair of the El Quelite bridge could begin, declared the trustee David Osuna Lizárraga.  

Even one of the people’s proposals is that the SCT give them free access to travel along the river, under the bridge, or that a temporary ford be built to reactivate the economy of that area. 

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“The fall of the El Quelite bridge affected about 70 percent of the visitors, the influx of tourism was greatly reduced and right now they wanted to reestablish the long bridge of November 20, but anyway the sales are not the same, they went down a lot and 50 percent of the restaurant employees were unemployed ”, he commented. 

Osuna Lizárraga specified that the cheese producers, in order to enter and leave the town without giving the long detour on the highway, they use a dirt road that is in the community of El Quemado, however, only small vehicles and trucks can circulate there. , not load units.


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