They fly balloons in Mocorito and they will do it every Saturday


Tradition on the fly, a program launched by the municipal authorities

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- Municipal authorities of Mocorito launched a spectacular program called “Tradición al Vuelo”, which every Saturday afternoon and until January, will be offering a magical exhibition of Chinese paper balloons, very much in the style Mocorito.

In addition to the exhibition of balloons as a tourist attraction, it is also intended to strengthen the tradition of artisan balloon making.

Each week two characters will participate with their respective teams.

At the start of the program, it was a great success with the young people, Abel González Duarte and Jesús “Gary” Sainz, who astonished the public with their creative balloons.

 The Herencia Real Group also participated, who were in charge of putting up a beautiful and cheerful atmosphere with regional music.

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