After hurricanes, it is urgent to rebuild the El Quelite bridge a must when visiting Mazatlan (video)


Since the passage of Hurricane “Nora”, the economic activities of some communities in southern Sinaloa have been affected.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The restaurant businessman from El Quelite, Marcos Osuna, asked the authorities to accelerate the construction of the vehicular bridge that collapsed with hurricane “Nora” last August.

Cerca de Mazatlán encontrarás El Quelite: Un pueblo encantador - Que pasa  en Mazatlán

He commented that this has affected economic activities such as agriculture and commerce in that area of ​​the municipality.

El Quelite, Sinaloa

“It has improved a bit with the alternatives, but the bridge is definitely missing. It is an important factor for the detonation of the economy of everything that is the north of the municipality. So, it is very important for the whole economy of us, “he said.

He said that tourism was affected, but little by little the activity in this town has improved since they are arriving by the road to Mármol.

The also tourist promoter added that although gaps have been built for road traffic, that it is not the most pertinent, and much less safe.

“Signs have been created and a way has been sought to attract the visitor to the El Quelite community. We continue working for the people,” he said.

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For its part, the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation in Sinaloa, reported through a press release that work is being done urgently on the various studies and executive project of the new Rio El Quelite bridge, in order to start the work as soon as possible and restore the circulation of such an important toll-free road as the Mazatlán-Culiacán.

Therefore, the time absolutely necessary will be taken to design and rebuild the affected work, without putting the integrity of users or workers at risk.

El Quelite, un pueblo con sabor propio – Esto es Sinaloa

The SICT Sinaloa Center immediately placed a work protection sign to close circulation in both directions, in addition, sandbags were placed and piles of earth were piled up on the road to avoid the passage of users and avoid any type of accident.

In addition, it invites all users of the free federal highway Mazatlán-Culiacán, to use the alternate route enabled by this agency, to safely carry out their itineraries to Mazatlán or vice versa.

The El Quelite bridge collapsed due to torrential rains that fell from tropical storm “Nora” last August.


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