Once again magical towns are out of budget under AMLO government


Expenditure for 2022 gives priority to the pharaonic works of President López Obrador and abandons micro-investment

Sinaloa.- Once again the populist electoral programs and the pharaonic works of President López Obrador monopolize the economic package of 2022 and leave without resources the boost to infrastructure such as the magical towns, which need support to attract tourism and reactivate the municipalities, criticized the PAN leader.

Juan Carlos Estrada Vega, pointed out that the evil of the country is the closure and inefficiency of the government that does not listen and continues with its line that was drawn so that the nation falls apart.

“There will be no resources for the magical towns, therefore, El Fuerte, Mocorito, Cosalá, El Rosario, will see their possibilities of continuing to grow as has been done in other governments, in terms of their infrastructure of magical towns, to motivate and encourage tourism and the economy, of course, in their municipalities they will be frustrated ”, he said.

He mentioned that spending for 2022 of just over seven trillion pesos, 8.5 percent more than this year, does not encourage micro-investment, on the contrary, he said, it almost disappears like many other programs necessary for the economic growth, but resources are guaranteed for the Santa Lucía airport, the Mayan train and the Dos Bocas refinery.

He accused that works are announced and announced, but the application of resources is not specified, such as the Badiraguato-Parral highway, that there is no progress, as well as the bridge in the Huites dam to connect Choix with the Topolobampo-Ojinaga highway since the executive project fell to him when he was mayor in 2012.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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