Oh lalá! Lobsters ready in Mazatlán


The lobster season was opened at the end of October and a good season is predicted for fishermen, in this and other species

MAZATLÁN.- The temperature of the seas has decreased and thanks to this, the arrival of lobsters began, which are already beginning to be seen in the port’s fish and shellfish warehouses, a product fought for by many but enjoyed by few for thinking that they are expensive. 

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Edgar Moya Acosta, president of the Cooperativa Artesanales de Playa Norte, mentioned that the ban on lobsters was lifted on October 31 and among the fishermen, they have expressed high expectations, precisely because it is a product that restaurants acclaim. 

In addition, among their members, they have reported the increase in species that had been scarce in the summer, such as the sierra, fish that is widely purchased for the traditional ceviche with carrots.

“There is a rebound in the sierra, yellow snapper, pig, even the closed season has already opened for the neighboring lobster companions, among all we are in 50 or 60 percent of the fishing catches,” he said. 

Photos: Fernanda Magallanes

The price of lobster depends on its weight and size, you can find them from 200 to 300 pesos per kilo, but you have to get to Playa Norte early since the day’s catch ends early and you may find it in other establishments but with a higher price.

In Pinitos beach there is even a restaurant that from the catch of the day offers you fried lobster and butter, accompanied with rice and salad, at only 300 pesos that is enough for two people. 

“Despite the bad times we had with the storms and hurricanes, the end of the year looks good, we have a good run and that will come to help everyone in the area by December,” said Moya Acosta. 

Do not be afraid to cook lobster, the fishermen themselves point out that it is not difficult, so savor the species of the season that will remain for more than two months. 

Or go to Pinitos beach or a restaurant that offers seasonal lobster, rest with the view of the sea and have on one side a soft drink, fresh flavored water, or a beer. To all this, who says we can’t eat lobster cheaply? Bon Appétit!

Source: punto.mx

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