INAH issues 6 sanctions for building in Mazatlan historic center


At least six sanctions have been issued by the INAH to constructions that seek to build condominiums that do not have permits and break with the historical scheme of the area

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mazatlán has a magnificent Historic Center and it cannot be allowed to alter, spoil or deteriorate it with vertical towers, because the success of this destination is cultural tourism and the sun and beach, said Servando Rojo Quintero.

The delegate of the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Sinaloa commented that it is essential to preserve its origin since it is one of the reasons that made it a Historic Center, in addition to the fact that together with Cosalá are the two municipalities in Sinaloa that hold that title before the INAH.

He called not to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs with the approval of the construction of condominium towers in the Historic Center since there is a regulation that prevents them from building higher than three levels.

” If we allow them to deteriorate the Historic Center by building tall buildings and all that, we are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, it is not only a matter of authenticity and culture, it is a matter of long-term economic vision,” he said.

Rojo Quintero mentioned that in the last year around six sanctions have been lifted in this area for remodeling or construction since they do not comply with the guidelines of the agency, which seeks to safeguard historical monuments or historical structures.

He pointed out that the INAH is not against restorations or remodeling, as long as the necessary guidelines are respected, with projects that do not affect the characteristics that must be met by the regulations, since it is a protected area as a world heritage site.

” Our objective is to carry out a work of convincing people, that they do not see INAH as an obstacle, but as an alternative of how to conserve heritage and that economic dynamics occur at the same time, ” he said.

The INAH delegate stated that the construction companies require training on historical monuments since dozens of these have paraded presenting projects that are not feasible within the design.

” They think that as it is built in the Golden Zone or the boardwalk, it can be built in the delimited areas of the center, but it is completely different. The instruction that we have from the general director is that we come to protect the heritage and not hinder development “, concluded.


The Mazatlan Post