More than economic interests, Sinaloa and Durango share the hospitality of Mazatlán


The candidate for the Governorship of Durango, Héctor Arreola Soria, will seek to continue to trigger tourism in Durango.

MAZATLÁN.- For the former general director of the Technological Institutes of Mexico and aspiring to the Governorship of Durango, Héctor Arreola Soria, the ties between Durango and Sinaloa are not only due to the fact that it is a sun and beach destination, but to the hospitality of the Mazatlecos.

During his visit to Mazatlán, Arreola Soria said that the union between the two states must continue to be strengthened.

“On the other hand, there are also issues of a social and economic nature, which also make us have a very important closeness and in that sense he created that we should continue cultivating,” he commented. 

Port of Mazatlan 

The candidate for governor for the PRI, PAN, and PRD coalition in Durango, Arreola Soria, indicated that with the superhighway, the state that benefited the most was Sinaloa.

“The one who has benefited the most is Sinaloa and how good, it was natural. What is really needed for neighboring states such as Durango to benefit, is the high-altitude port, something that governments have been working on and that line has to be followed, ”he stressed. 

Photo: Christian Bernal


The Durango politician took the opportunity to say that, despite the passage of time, the region is in “oblivion”, since economically they are located in site 27 and many road communication barriers with the states of Coahuila, Monterrey and Sonora have yet to be finished

“Isolation has historically been a problem, we are a very isolated state, we do not have communication that allows us to go north and south, the ones we have are very long,” he said. 

In a sense, he said that the last 18 years have been key because progress has been made in road infrastructure, always looking for faster communications, but it has not been possible to run a company that is detonating in Durango and they have to fight for it. 


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