Where is the respect for its citizens on the part of the Mazatlan authorities ask AMMJE


AMMJE asks that councilors and mayor reach an agreement, and the leadership of the PAS with the “Mayor” put aside their political and power interests, and dialogue to serve the port and not harm it

Mazatlán, Sin.- As a lack of respect for citizens and even unfortunate that at the start of this municipal administration, differences and political interest arise between councilors and the mayor of Mazatlán, who has blocked the appointment of the three main officials of the commune, described Imelda Alejo Velarde.

The president of the Mexican Association of Women Heads of Companies in Mazatlan said that all public servants must abide by the law, and comply with society, something that with this municipal administration has seen the opposite at the beginning, where the issues have been more powerful. policies of two people such as Héctor Melesio Cuén and Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

“Very unfortunate that they do not agree, there are guidelines within the municipality that must be followed, there should be dialogue, because in the end those who are most affected are the citizens, they owe us respect, and they should dialogue and follow the statutes, which are regulated, they must follow the rules ”.

Alejo Velarde, asked that both protagonists of this confrontation, which also keeps the council in the middle in this conflict, really be mature people and find a solution as soon as possible for the good of Mazatlán and its citizens.

The members of AMMJE had their first face-to-face meeting this Saturday, in order to analyze the situation and join the actions for the association and join forces to strengthen their businesses, where Alia Lorena Ibarra, president of the Honor and Justice Commission at the level, participated. national, which makes up this group.

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