Death travels the boardwalk of Mazatlán


The 1st Day of the Dead parade astonished locals and tourists with floats and parades, Catrines and Catarinas who took off their best costumes.

MAZATLÁN.- The Catrines and Catrinas came out of their graves and on this Day of the Dead night they paraded over the coastal walk of the port, celebrating death and entertaining those who are still alive.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

Chariots were formed and at the sound of the first pyrotechnics, they lit up to give way to the celebration, which left more than one with their mouths open, children, youth, and adults, many of them also, personified as skulls.

This is how the first parade for the Day of the Dead was lived that was held on Olas Altas to honor this tradition that comes from the ancestors and to give rise to the beginning of a route that merged with the well-known Callejoneada.

More than 15,000 people arrived a couple of hours before the event, they were already lining up at the entrances to be able to see occupying a place on the sidewalk, the benches, and the boardwalk itself; the balconies of the hotels were illuminated and the guests took the opportunity to take out chairs.

Dogs with skull makeup, colorful costumes, floral crowns of different sizes, there was nothing that was not noticed that the commemoration is already a celebration over the years and that death is respected and venerated with this celebration.

Comparsas danced with their best steps, some dressed as charros and others in carnival costumes, pirates aboard the ship, wandering zombies seeking to get more than one of them to dance, carnival kings and queens on their last trip before finishing.

Lights, fire and a lot of brightness stood out in each one that made up the parade, from the Corrido de Mazatlán, the Sinaloense to more modern music such as regaetón, there was something for all tastes and if anyone was happy it was the catrina from Mictlán.

The parade lasted just over an hour, drawing the astonishment that closed the chapter of this day that will be reopened and taken from beyond the grave until 2022.

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors
May be an image of 1 person

The Day of the Dead celebration in Mazatlán is kept alive with ‘Metamorphosis myths and legends of Mexico’

The party in honor of La Catrina received those stories that we have been told since we were children; la llorona, the island of dolls, among others

The myths and legends of Mexico revived at the Angela Peralta Theater in Mazatlán

More than 300 artists, music, characterizations, characters, catrinas, comparsas, allegorical cars, dance, and party, are expected to participate in the event organized by the Mazatlán Institute of Culture.

The catrina took one last walk through Mazatlán, before returning to the underworld, where for a year she will wait patiently to be present again in the world of the living; This time he had a tight schedule in Mazatlán, first with a tour inside the Angela Peralta Theater and later, through a parade through the Paseo Olas Altas .

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The maximum cultural enclosure opened its doors from 7:00 p.m., to give a sample of what was learned in fine arts within the Municipal Center of Arts of Mazatlán, which with the smell of incense and candlelight, allowed to know a little of the underworld and myths through the show “Metamorphosis: Mitos y Leyendas de México” .

The myths and legends of Mexico revived at the Angela Peralta Theater in Mazatlán

From an early hour, thousands of Mazatlecos and national and foreign tourists, lovers of Mexican culture, looked for the best place to appreciate the tour organized by the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Arts of Mazatlán, after two years without a similar festival.

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