Viva la Ola AC Association in Mazatlan continues fighting for cleaner beaches


Viva la Ola Association retakes cleaning days with the idea of ​​raising awareness among children, youth, and adults about the importance of caring for the environment

MAZATLÁN.- With the aim of keeping the Beaches clean and raising awareness in the Viva la Ola AC Association, this morning carried out a clean-up at Luna Bonita beach.

A group of brigadistas headed by Alessandra Yannuzzo, collected plastics, glass bottles, cigarette butts, caps, among other things that damage the environment.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the group stopped a bit, but today they resumed these cleaning days, as well as the surf training they carry out with children.

“It is a beach that unfortunately is used as a canteen on weekends, and we clean up in the morning,” said the brigadista.

Another reason for carrying out this type of event is to make people understand the impact of littering on the beach.

The idea of ​​Viva la Ola is to contribute to the environment and above all to make people aware of all the damage that is done.

Yannuzzo indicated that the port has many tourist attractions but it is necessary to do a deep reflection and keep the beaches in good condition.

“It’s very sad to get to the beaches and see them all dirty, I think that if we don’t change that chip we won’t have quality tourism,” added Alessandra.

Finally, he invited the municipal authorities and the Beach Operator to join in and keep everything clean, since the boats they are placing are overturned, destroyed and full of garbage.

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Three surf lessons were given to children committed to the environment and caring for the beaches.


Viva la Ola AC has six years dedicated to cleaning Mazatlan beaches.