How much was raised at the Dinner with a cause in favor of the Una Gota en el Océano shelter in Mazatlán?


Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz made the delivery of the donation effective, which she maintains will help this institution to partially support the operation of expenses and maintenance

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Unity is strength, and this time the Dinner with a Cause, organized by the DIF Sinaloa, in favor of the shelter for the elderly “A Drop in the Ocean”, in the port of Mazatlán yielded fruit and that This Saturday he was allowed to deliver a check for the amount of 440 thousand 500 pesos.  

Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz, president of the Sinaloa DIF System, gave the donation collected to the president of the board, Arturo Mercado Vizcarra, which will be used in full for the improvement of infrastructure, purchase of medicines, food, personal hygiene products, household goods, payment of services and hostel staff. 

“This resource will be integral to this care home where it will help to improve its infrastructure, buy food, cleaning products, personal hygiene, staff payment and many services that are provided in this space, I really appreciate all who they joined in contributing to this Dinner with a Cause ”. 

She acknowledged that the shelter does a noble job for which they deserve the support of society and the government to continue serving the elderly in vulnerable situations.  

She said that eight days to conclude with this administration at the head of the DIF Sinaloa remains firm in serving families and vulnerable populations through different social care programs. 


The Mazatlan Post