Up to 30 thousand pesos! Sinaloans spend to praise Santa Muerte


While the common person seeks the economy, spending on average between 250 to 450 pesos for their deceased, the devotees of Santa Muerte take great care in their offerings 

Guasave, Sinaloa.- On the Day of the Dead, anyone might think that the mourners are the ones who generate the most profit for the flower shops, but for a long time the faithful to Santa Muerte have spent thousands and thousands of pesos on ostentatious ornaments to enhance her, every November 1 and 2, declared Carmelita Valenzuela, owner of several establishments selling flowers in the municipality of Guasave.

This type of peculiarity has the tradition of the Day of the Dead, where the common person increasingly seeks to economize, they stop buying natural flowers for their faithful deceased, but to honor this cult and pay the favors they do, as many do. They call the “Santísima Muerte”, the waste sometimes has no limits.

“Well, they go and fix the graves of Santa Muerte, the candle at night from day one to day two.”

-And if they spend a lot on the arrangements to adorn the Santa Muerte? 

“Yes, there are people who do.”

-How much is the most expensive thing that you have had? 

“There are people who spend exaggeratedly, yes, they may well spend up to 20 or 30 thousand pesos, in an arrangement for Santa Muerte, but they are the favors that he does them, and they promise him and when he complies, they respond with that type of Offerings”.

The truth is, that the average cost that the relatives take to their deceased is between 250 and 450 pesos, but now, the novelty is that they buy artificial flowers to place them on the graves and thus not generate garbage.

Carmelita Valenzuela said that for this sector of the flower trade, in this area of ​​the state of Sinaloa,  sales fell to 30 percent, due to the pandemic; furthermore, the freight is becoming more and more expensive, and even so the prices to the public have been maintained, of 100 pesos for the traditional varieties, such as: pompoms, daisies, carnations and gladiolas.

Floristas de Guasave are waiting for the official price list for the Day of the Dead this year to be established, which they hope will be sustained last year, as they are aware of the economic crisis in which families are living. for the pandemic.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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