Mayor boasts healthy finances, great works, and the transformation of Mazatlán in his Third Report


Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres presented in writing in the Ordinary Session of the Cabildo number 71 his Third Report on the situation of the Municipal Administration

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With healthy finances, a 40 percent reduction in public debt and more than 115 million pesos invested in social work, as well as the remodeling of main avenues, is what Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres highlighted to the render its Third  Government Report, in Mazatlán.

The municipality presented in writing in the Ordinary Session of the Cabildo number 71 his Third Report on the situation of the Municipal Administration, documents that will be sent to the State Congress and the Executive.

And to achieve such good numbers, during the three years of management a rigorous order has been maintained on economic resources, doing public works without borrowing, he said.

“In finance again this year we maintained strict discipline; we inherited a large debt that we have serviced and today we only have to pay 60 percent of what the city owed from previous governments ”.

“… that is, we reduced the city’s public debt by 40 percent, and without borrowing, we did not indebt the citizens,” he said.

In relation to public works, he maintained that in his management a social work policy with great impact for areas of the municipality that really need it has been a priority, with paving, drainage, drinking water, educational infrastructure, all carried out with good quality.

“This year we managed to do 98 works with more than 115 million pesos, with which we have benefited 1,274 families in urban and rural areas, 101,156 people and Mazatlán in general,” reported the Municipal President.

As part of the transformation that Mazatlán had undergone, he considered major works such as the reconstruction of Gaviotas, Circunvalación, Gabriel Leyva avenues, the construction of the Pingüinario and the new Aquarium, as well as the increase in kilometers of bicycle lanes in the north of the city.

The mayor highlighted that his government has been an example at the national level by applying strict health actions and protocols to protect Mazatlan people from the COVID-19 pandemic and its waves of infections; and despite the onslaught of natural phenomena that have recently hit the municipality, speaking of hurricanes “Nora” and “Pamela”, it has been achieved, he said, to get ahead.


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