What happened to the promised new Mazatlan garbage trucks?


The municipality will apply an economic penalty to the company for breaching the contract.

Since August the new units should have arrived, but it has not been the case and due to the delay, action will be taken through the legal area, declared Javier Alarcón Lizárraga.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Through the legal area, treasurer Javier Alarcon Lizarraga take legal action against the company that won the tender for the acquisition of five new collectors of garbage trucks for Mazatlan, in order to apply a financial penalty for failing to comply with the contract.  

And all, because since August the five new units must have arrived at the City Hall and to date, there are still no such collectors. Here, the one that has been worse is the company, according to, because it has had problems with its suppliers.   

“Well, we were hoping that they will reach us at the end of August.” 

What’s the matter, treasurer? 

“Well, an economic punishment, they are fines because if we say we are giving you the contract and you must comply, what price is it? So much, and he gave you on the 20th and if the day goes by, the contract marks an economic penalty for that breach, “he said. 

The person in charge of finances specified that the contract with the company was signed for an amount of 12 million pesos for the acquisition of five new garbage collectors, and with the application of the economic penalty, between 200 to 300 thousand pesos will be discounted. Everything will depend on how long the units take to arrive at the Municipality.  

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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