Sinkhole is formed on Mazatlán’s Sábalo-Cerritos avenue


As of this Friday afternoon, Public Works personnel have not started the repair work on the road that was damaged by the rains of hurricane “Pamela”

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The rains from hurricane “Pamela” in Mazatlán caused a sinkhole in Sábalo Cerritos avenue, along the south-north lane, in the vicinity of the Yugo estuary.

Due to this, the Municipal Transit Sub-Directorate closed the section and enabled the opposite lane in two directions, so that cars could pass.

Jorge Samuel Alvarado Illustrious, head of the agency, said that the measure was taken to avoid any risky situation among drivers passing through the area, since the hole covers the entire right lane.

For this reason, he made a call to the citizens who move through that area of ​​the city, to be very careful and reduce speed, in addition to paying attention to the signs posted.

Until this Friday afternoon, Public Works personnel have not started repair work on the road.

Among the effects left by hurricane “Pamela” are around 300 trees that have collapsed in various parts of the city and at least 15 billboards have been destroyed.

So far, 170 tons of trash and foliage from the felled trees have been registered, which have been collected in just two days.


The Mazatlan Post