Soon Mazatlán will have a Gastronomic and Cultural Corridor


Juan José Arellano Hernández, president of Grupo ArHe announced that this project will change the image of the tourist area, with a priority area for pedestrians

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The growth that Mazatlán has undoubtedly put it in the sights for important and renovation projects, therefore, in addition to the need to provide safe spaces for pedestrians, the idea of the Gastronomic and Cultural Corridor was born, explained Juan José Arellano Hernández, president of the ArHe Group.

The work that was born with the dual purpose of promoting pedestrian culture and expanding public spaces to offer new tourist attractions to visitors and residents of the city, with more employment and entertainment options, will have an investment of approximately 1,300 million pesos in total.

It is a pleasure to be gathered here to publicize the new face of this gastronomic corridor, the works that we announce today will transform our city, will be an amenity for our city, and will open new development opportunities for tourism, finally that it is my purpose ”.

First world!  Soon Mazatlán will have a Gastronomic and Cultural Corridor.

Arellano Hernández, indicated that this initiative will generate exponential value in the infrastructure, tourism, and services sectors since it will cover a dozen spaces for entertainment, gastronomy, and culture in bars and restaurants of local, national and international brands, all in a safer environment for pedestrians.

On the cultural side, he highlighted the mural by the artist Sergio Ramírez Ríos, which for now is the first with a view that in the future works by this or more local artists will arrive that give a new face to this tourist area, the main one of the city, in a more relaxed and tasteful environment for tourism.


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