Hurricane Pamela unleashes PANIC SHOPPING in Mazatlan


Products of all kinds but mainly food, bottled water, and tools, is what is observed in the shopping carts that formed long lines in supermarkets when paying

$! Photo: Northwest / Ana Miriam Valdez

Given the possible arrival of the storm “Pamela” as a category 3 hurricane, citizens of Mazatlán make panic purchases this Monday

Sinaloa. A good number of citizens of Mazatlán took to supermarkets this Monday afternoon to make purchases called “panic”, due to the proximity of hurricane “Pamela”

$! Photo: Northwest / Ana Miriam Valdez

It could be seen that there were long lines on the outskirts of some local shopping centers, of people waiting their turn to enter to buy.

$! Photo: Northwest / Ana Miriam Valdez

Images that were disseminated on social networks allegedly from inside the stores, it was possible to observe the type of products they purchased, including bottled water, canned food, cookies, cereals and milk.

It is expected that the effects of ‘Pamela’ in Mazatlán will begin to feel like rain and with intense gusts of wind from the night of this Wednesday and early Thursday, the call is not to panic, but to attend to the indications of the authority, through Civil Protection.

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The cause was the proximity of “Pamela”, which is expected to impact between Elota and Mazatlán on Wednesday morning, according to data from authorities given at the first meeting of the Emergency Attention Committee.

It is expected to make landfall in Sinaloa, between Culiacán and Mazatlán, during the night of Wednesday and early Thursday, however, it is not ruled out that, before making landfall, it will intensify to a category 3 hurricane.

Authorities have already said that “Pamela” could be considered the strongest phenomenon of this hurricane season, due to its strong winds.,,

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