Cryptocurrencies and IT industry: A new beginning


In just a little over a decade, cryptocurrencies have successfully conquered the global financial market and have left a lasting impact. The global economy has made numerous benefits from these digital currencies as they have brought forth an alternative system of payments and transactions. The contributions of cryptocurrencies are many.

With time, they have expanded their reach over many economic sectors and have shown great promise in introducing revolutionary changes in each of them.

The hospitality and health sectors have made exemplary progress with the introduction of bitcoin and Ethereum. Many other industries have also indulged in detailed research and experimentation regarding the utility of digital currencies. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, has been instrumental in bringing about a thorough revamping of the hospitality sector.

 Blockchain, the foundation technology of bitcoin, has become useful in creating transparent supply chains and storing information to help customers and service providers. Motivated by these positive changes, the IT industry, too, has begun experimenting with blockchain’s potential. Here are a few ways in which blockchain and bitcoin can help the IT industry:

●     Management

Blockchain has the potential to transform the system in which most businesses, be it small and medium scale or large scale, are organized. It will allow companies to make use of external resources as efficiently as internal ones. For instance, if companies use bitcoin as the payment system, conducting transactions through unknown platforms is one of the major mistakes that newcomers in crypto make. They can import resources from other countries without being bothered about overhead expenses and transaction costs. Blockchain can create a transparent system of supply chains that would help eliminate corruption and unnecessary expenditure. The production process can become much smoother with the integration of bitcoin and blockchain.

●     Human resources

Blockchain can also become instrumental in the procurement of human resources. Especially for industries requiring special skills and capabilities, blockchain can be instrumental in searching for employees. Potential partners and contractors can use blockchain to update information about themselves that different organizations can then access, revolutionizing the traditional system of employment. That can increase transparency in the process as applicants and contractors would have to enter only accurate data and not tamper with it later.

●     Sales and Marketing

Similar to its role in the hospitality sector, blockchain can help IT industries keep track of their customers, both current and potential. Like potential contractors, partners, and employees, blockchain can also help maintain a tab on all the customers. Companies can store information of previous jobs done in easy-to-access ledgers, which will be available to them whenever the need arises. In blockchain technology, individuals would update the virtual black boxes of their own accord, preventing companies from tracking their online behavior. That will also increase the sense of security for customers and allow them to trust the company more. Through blockchain, the company can also maintain a peer-to-peer relationship with each of its customers.

●     Raising capital

Blockchain technology can also help companies in raising capital in a much more advanced and efficient way. This unique technology can transform the traditional process of raising money by businesses. That is because it has the ability to disrupt and alter the system of investments and finances on a global scale. The nature of investment can undergo a significant change if IT companies begin using blockchain. Investing in blockchain-based platforms can also help in reshaping the finance industry.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology together have altered the way in which many industries function, making them more efficient and advanced in their approach. The IT industry, too, has now been experimenting with this idea, hoping to bring about significant changes in its functioning.


The implications of this change are many. Blockchain technology can help manage customers, employees, and resources and can also impact the relationship between the company and its customers by building up trust and transparency. That, in turn, can help them expand their business by serving customers better. It can also be helpful in the creation of a global supply chain by building an easier means of exchanging resources.

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