Sinaloa Governor upgrades Rosario-Cacalotán state highway before his departure


Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, gave the flag to start the reconstruction of the state road

Rosario, Sinaloa.- The Rosario-Cacalotán state highway ” is in hellish condition, ” were the words of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, prior to the start of the reconstruction of said street.

The state president expressed the importance of this state road that connects five communities with the municipal seat of Rosario, so it was decided to invest in the total reconstruction.

The Governor came to give the official flag for the start of the work. Photo: Jesús López | The Sun of Mazatlan

” This road costs 32 million pesos, because we did not want to patch it, the easiest thing was to send a pothole, but in a few days the rain will end, we wanted to clog it well, from below, completely rehabilitate it so that it is new, we know the importance of this road, because it connects several communities and it is a highway where farm production and livestock are transported, therefore, if we see how it is, it is a bitch. “

Carretera a Cacalotán

Ordaz Coppel said that it is contemplated that this work is ready in 40 days, assured that this work has to be completed in its entirety since the resources that are required are already labeled for it.

” It is a company that was put out to tender, the tender was held, the company is already working, we will try to finish it in 40 days, I hope so, but the resource is already there, it is the important thing, that it rains, There is no excuse for the company to stop, it has to end because the wool is there “, I mention.

In the end, he said that he had a commitment to Rosario, since resources have been invested in renowned works such as the historic center, the Monte Alto bridge, and other works that have been carried out, for which he commented that he felt satisfied of having fulfilled the Rosarenses.


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