Off-road vehicles invade Ayuné with noise, lights, and mud


Every Thursday night, on the banks of the Tamazula river, near the town of Ayuné, the valley is transformed into a multi-colored LED walkway through which razors, all-terrain ATVs, luxurious four-wheel-drive trucks – the so-called “buchonas” – pass. , Jeeps Wrangler and Rubicon, music, mud, beer, and a brutal hubbub where Culichi opulence is exposed in all its splendor.

“How much money do you think there is here in all those vehicles,” commented a man in his 40s while drinking a Tecate light beer and who minutes before boasted a Razor that he had just bought, and for which he claimed to have spent a million pesos. Then he added: “Let there be about 60 Razors, let’s say 500 thousand each: plus the Rubicons, the Sierra, the ATVs, there are about 50 million pesos lost here.”

That atmosphere of norteño music, beer, buchanans, jokes, and camaraderie among all those Sinaloans capable of paying a million pesos for a Razor and up to 300 thousand pesos for an ATV, and which contrasted enormously with the surroundings of the Garmendia market, or with the streets of the tianguis de los Huizaches, including the temple of Malverde, showed the true opulence of the buchones in Culiacán; businessmen, as they call themselves and who boast of having horses of up to a million pesos, and lions, tigers and other exotic animals that are only seen in television series that portray the lives of drug traffickers.

Las buchonas, dispuestas a todo por el lujo

“Don’t tell us narcos; Better say that we are entrepreneurs ”, clarified one of those who go to that area of ​​the municipality in search of fun and presumption, and who minutes before had claimed to earn an average of 50 thousand dollars a month.

In the distance the buchonas, which is how those operated girls who are looking for a sponsor are known, or in other words, the narco hunters who pay them for plastic surgeries, be it a liposuction or nose correction, botox, implant of breasts, and buttocks, and that they are also capable of fulfilling their most expensive whims: house, car, jewelry and a monthly payment.

“We all look for that because we all like money, and whoever says otherwise is lying,” said a 24-year-old girl, who asked to be identified only by the name of Paola.

No description available.

A clown identified as Ke Lokeron, and who is capable of doing all kinds of tricks on an ATV, said that the environment is healthy and that people are just going to have fun because there is not much else to do in the city.

“Well, it comes from everything here, and as I said, the environment is healthy and the goal is to have fun without looking for fights or anyone getting hurt,” said Chuy, who is better known as Ke Lokerón in the world of the Razors and the called dragons.

Indeed, the place seemed to be visited by all kinds of people: those who have money and are able to buy Razors and who stand out for their Nike and Dolce Gabbana t-shirts, and the 16 and 18-year-old boys, who from a distance and hidden between The shadows look at the environment just sitting on their Italic motorcycles, far away in power and quality from the BMW, Polaris, Torino, and that at first glance suggested the image of the drug dealer and the pointer.

May be an image of outdoors

“Look, the lowest level in a cartel is a leader, and if he does his job well, he evolves into an errand, then they teach him to shoot and give him his pistol, and he is already a gunman, then he continues either mule or he becomes the head of the cell. , and from there he grows up and he begins to send his own drug, or from there it is up to everyone, “explained another of the characters that this reporter encountered in the Razors area.

Meanwhile, the hubbub continued, and the traffic was unstoppable between stones and mud, and screams and the noise of engines.

“Where are we going?” Ke Lokerón shouted, standing on the top of a truck that had started to catch fire on the banks of the Tamazula river. “Everywhere except the house,” the people close to him answered in chorus, who would have barely heard him.

A German reporter, who would have gone to cover the environment and culichi culture, could only exclaim: “The people of Culiacán do know how to have fun: Razors, music, beer, atmosphere, and a lot of speed,” she said, aware that the party could last all night.

That doubt was cleared when the same buchona Paola, confirmed that the narcos and the narco juniors, continue the party until long after dawn, they can even last a whole weekend.

“When my boyfriend calls me, I always have to be ready, and from that moment on I know that the party will last, at least until one or two in the afternoon the day after.”


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