AMLO denies that Mexico is polarized: It’s the middle class that’s very susceptible to deception and manipulation


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador denied that the country is polarized, although he considered that there are citizens, for example in the middle class, very susceptible to deception and manipulation.

At the morning press conference, he was asked what the government is doing to reduce polarization.

“We are trying to convince, persuade, that we cannot continue with the same regime of corruption, injustice, privilege, but it is a process. Many are already internalizing this new reality, “he replied.

“The truth is that businessmen are making a great effort, members of the middle class, who are very susceptible to manipulation, not all of them, but there is a sector of the middle class that is still deceived, intimidated, scared by communism ‘here comes the communism’; a lot of delays, but little by little it is becoming aware that we must guarantee freedoms, especially to actively seeking equality in this country with so much poverty, “he said.

In the elites “yes there is polarization”

At the beginning of his presentation, the president made some arguments that there is less polarization and there is also less political instability.

“Maybe when you think about polarization, you are taking as a reference the leadership, the so-called political class, the elites. There is polarization there.

But if we consider all the people of Mexico, I would tell you that there is not, that there is a lot of fraternity.

“Economic and social polarization does exist and we are looking to make it less and less.”

“There is a monstrous inequality,” he added, “inherited from centuries and accentuated in the neoliberal or neo-porfirista period.”

It is a matter of reviewing the lists of Forbes magazine and studies of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on inequality.

In recent times in Mexico, there has been more inequality than there was 200 years ago.

Also, there are no protest movements. There was one called Frena but it did not prosper.

On the other hand, Lopez Obrador stressed, we are resolving our differences through peaceful and electoral means.

The confrontation took place at the polls in the last elections; There were no serious problems and the people put everyone in their place.

So, I think we’re doing fine, he said.

“I recently thanked the opponents for acting in a responsible manner, despite the fact that there are people and groups affected by their privileges; people who do not want to stop stealing, who got used to it badly.

“It does not happen of questioning, sometimes insults, but it does not happen to majors.

The country is growing, we are coming out of the crisis sooner than other countries, including Europeans.

The perspective is to grow this year around 6 percent; Banco de México’s reserves grew by 30 billion dollars, like never before.

Instead of devaluing, the peso strengthened in the time that we have been in government

Debt has not increased and we have a record in remittances from Mexicans, he added.

Corporate responsibility

And people understand it, he added, entrepreneurs and many people.

“Now due to the tragedy in the Metro, in Tláhuac, the head of government has just announced that the companies take charge of the damages, and without an additional budget, they are in charge of rebuilding the entire line, not only where there was the accident or the section that it was badly built and these beams fell. Not all.

“The first to accept was Carlos Slim; the head of government asked her and she came here to tell us ‘I take charge, I take responsibility, and the second company that accepted was ICA and the train company.

“And also the Mexico City prosecutor’s office, according to a ruling, is establishing the responsibilities and they have to repair the damages to the victims’ families.

“But this is for participation, for everyone’s cooperation.

Of course, there are those who do not accept and get very upset and thought that if a campaign against the government of all kinds was unleashed, for example, by frightening people with our policies to help people or with alarmist actions regarding the pandemic or slander, dedicating eight columns to us every day, from all newspapers, from almost all radio stations, from television channels.

“When had the government been attacked so much? And no one has been censored.


Mexico Daily Post