Bitcoin and Post Retirement Schemes: Possibilities and Risks


Bitcoin and Post Retirement Schemes: Possibilities and Risks

Over time, bitcoin has made a permanent place in numerous aspects of human life and continues to prove its utility in various financial sectors. It has already carved a prominent niche in the market as a very profitable sector for investment. As it matures in the market, bitcoin’s importance and value continue to increase with leaps and bounds.

The possibility of high returns, ease of transactions, advanced autonomy, and improved security have succeeded in drawing many users towards bitcoin. Its popularity only seems to increase with passing time. However, bitcoin has primarily received mixed responses from experts worldwide. While some hail bitcoin as the future of technology and a revolutionary tool, others contend that its high volatility makes it unreliable and uncertain.

When it comes to planning retirement through post-retirement schemes, we all want to make the best possible planning, leaving no room for mistakes. With bitcoin gaining popularity, many are discussing the usefulness of bitcoin in planning for post-retirement schemes. While many contend that this highly beneficial financial tool would be an excellent investment to make, many others are wary of making a huge mistake. Let us discuss some benefits and some risks of including bitcoin in your retirement plan.

Benefits of including bitcoin in your post-retirement scheme

With bitcoin becoming more popular in the market with each passing year, it is no wonder that younger generations are showing great interest in this unique financial tool. Many young adults have also expressed their readiness to include bitcoin in their retirement plans when the time comes. Some of the widely accepted reasons behind this approach are:

  • Protection against inflation: While planning long term investments like retirement schemes, one of the primary things to look for is how inflation would affect it. Bitcoin provides a safe hedge in this regard. Since bitcoin has a fixed supply, it cannot be affected by inflation. That means that its value cannot decrease with an increase in supply.
  • Safe source of investment: Another prominent feature of bitcoin that makes it a good retirement scheme for many is that it is a safe investment source. That is because the value of bitcoin has only risen over the last decade. Given that its purchasing power cannot decrease, bitcoin becomes a very secure source of investment for future plans.
  • No chance of theft or fraud: Functioning on blockchain technology, bitcoin transactions are very secure. All transaction data is stored in public ledgers that anyone can access. As such, there is no threat of fraud or theft using bitcoin.

Risks involved

Just like the potential benefits, investing in bitcoin as a retirement scheme can also have many risks involved with itself. Some such risks that we must consider before making a choice are listed below.

  • Price volatility: Although bitcoin promises high potential rewards to its users, its price volatility remains a significant cause for concern. Since no external agency regulates bitcoin, its price can rise or fall according to the market situation. As such, bitcoin becomes a risky venture. Although its value has been increasing over the past few years, it might suddenly drop again.
  • Lack of legal sanctions: Although bitcoin transactions can securely take place on bitcoin platforms if you’re interested in investing bitcoin click here to know it all. Most countries are yet to grant legal sanctions to this financial tool. Many countries have begun implementing stringent bans on it. 
  • Nefarious activities: Using the anonymity of the platforms where bitcoin transactions can occur, many criminals have been using these for nefarious activities. Investigations have also proven that bitcoin has become instrumental in crimes as heinous as human trafficking.


Bitcoin has both positive and negative implications when it comes to retirement schemes and future plans. As such, it becomes essential for any user to make an informed decision. While bitcoin does bring you a chance to save up a significant amount for your retirement plan, it can also be risky. Therefore, before making any choice, be sure to conduct thorough research and carefully weigh the pros and cons.

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