Mazatlan’s bio-barriers destroyed by “Nora”


Sofía Trejo points out that they will seek to recover the bio-barrier, but if it is not in good condition, another will be built

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The environmentalist Sofía Trejo Lemus, founder and member of the Maz Conciencia organization, clarified that the ecological bio-barrier was not in operation when it was swept away by the current of the Estero del Infiernillo, as a result of the rains caused by “Nora”, but it was loose on one side so that it did not cover the passage of water, as garbage accumulated in it.

She said that as soon as storms or hurricanes are forecast, the bio-fence is released from one of its sides so that it does not affect the passage of the current, otherwise, it could cover the passage of water through all the garbage that the rain drags into the estuary. del Infiernillo and from there to the navigation channel, through the Juarez bridge.

“The boys, the fishermen who help with the bio-fencing untied it so that it would not cover the garbage, because it was going to burst, but it did burst, it is not lost, it is among some boats and I asked for a favor as soon as they could pull it and they will recover it, but there was a lot of water and the current was very strong, “ she said.

Regarding the second section of the bio-barrier, she commented that it had already been loose for three weeks, as people outside the program cut it on one side and were about to connect it when the meteorological phenomenon “Nora” was formed, and they decided to wait.

“A part was released so that the garbage and branches would not stop, but the part that was tied off was released and is there between the boats, you can see it from the Juarez bridge, but after a while, when the boys can, they will try to rescue it, because safety comes first, “she said.

She said that in case the biobarrier cannot be rescued, it will have to be done again.


The Mazatlan Post