Can’t skate? No problem: “Nora” turns a skate park into a “pool” in Mazatlán


The rains that the meteorological phenomenon left in its passage through the port of Sinaloa flooded a bowl where “skateboards” and BMX fans usually practice, so they took it as a pool to cool off

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The intense rains that “Nora” brought with it, which passed in front of Mazatlán as a category 1 hurricane, have left a lot of damage in the south and center-south of Sinaloa, but for a group of young Mazatlecos it also brought fun … Too much fun.

In the northern sector of the city of Mazatlán, in the Alarcón subdivision, there is a skate park within a linear park, a recreational area for young skateboarding fans to practice their tricks and imitate the legendary Tony Hawk.

The skate park has among its facilities a bowl, which due to the rainfall was filled with water and was converted into a pool that the young people, neither slow nor lazy, took advantage of to take a dip and cool off.

So if they couldn’t do pirouettes on their skateboard or their bicycle, what they could do was shake off the heat of these summer days.


The Mazatlan Post