Neighbors of El Cid and El Dorado are against the “mega speedbump” on Camarón Sábalo


They do not oppose the regulation of the public thoroughfare, but they do ask that things be done well and that experts on the subject be consulted

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. -Neighbors from the El Cid and El Dorado subdivisions demonstrated against the “ mega tope ” that was erected on Camarón-Sábalo avenue.

They considered that the way it was built, it seems that it is more of a whim, both from the municipal authorities and from the owners of The Inn tourist complex.

They added that they do not oppose the ordering of public roads, but they do ask that things be done well and that specialists be consulted, since these buffers do not have the appropriate height or distance from each other, nor the corresponding signage. .

“It is very poorly done, very close to each other, it seems that the hotel is benefiting nothing else; second, it is very high, it has no security, it is not painting, I agree that you have to respect the pedestrian, but I I would ask that it be done better, that true specialists be consulted, not at the whim of a person or an owner, “ said one of the neighbors.

They mentioned that if it is about respecting the pedestrian, this was not the best of the strategies, since it is known that there is no good road culture, neither on the part of the motorist nor of the pedestrian, who finally cross the street wherever they want, there or no pedestrian crossing, known as a zebra crossing.

“I think that this hinders circulation more, that the mayor said that he was improving or accelerating circulation, blocking returns and this is not exactly what he said,” Jorge said.

He added that before this speed reducer was lifted, they already had problems leaving their subdivision and joining the avenue, since the traffic light at Gabriel Ruiz avenue has never worked properly, but is only in light preventive.

Due to this, it was very difficult to get in line or for a driver to give way to travel through the road, so they had to cross, since there is no element of Transit either.

“Here we live more than a thousand people and to leave before was already a problem, because they always blocked the traffic light, and now a stop?”, He said.


The Mazatlan Post