Firefighters are concerned about the lack of hydrants in Mazatlán


In the last census carried out, 110 were counted, of which 52 are not working

Mazatlán, Sin.- The Mazatlán Voluntary Fire Department carried out a census of reviewaccounting, and validation of the operation of hydrants in the city, water intakes that were designed to supply considerable quantities of the liquid in a short time, in case of fires.

” We already have a census of 110 hydrants and according to the technical area, 47% are not working, almost half, ” said Saúl Robles Chávez, second commander.

He added that many times the same people damage them due to ignorance because they want to draw water with keys that are not the right ones or in an accident they get hit by a vehicle.

“For example, the fire hydrants of the Pino Suárez market are blocked with bicycles, motorcycles, vintage carts,” he added

Robles Chávez said that there is a situation that worries the corporation and it is the fact that in Zona Dorada there are not enough hydrants; Without revealing the exact amount, he estimated that they do not exceed five.

In addition to this, he mentioned the fire systems of the buildings, mainly in condominium towers, they are not 100% either.

Three years ago the last census was carried out that showed the existence of 84 hydrants, in 2021 26 more were counted, although with what the city has grown, he considered that there should be more because for each new subdivision that is built it must one should be placed

“We have some losses, but because the same subdivisions did not report them when they were installed or they are not traceable,” he added.

The second commander suggested to the construction companies that are in projects, approach the corporation to specify the place or area where they plan to locate the hydrant and verify that it is a space with accessibility, also to the subdivisions that have already installed them but have not.


The Mazatlan Post