Are you going to the beach? Soon you will no longer be able to enter with plastic or glass bottles in Mazatlán


Administradora y Operadora de Playas works on the creation of a new regulation, with the purpose of preventing the beaches from becoming a garbage dump, said Roberto Terrones Cortés

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- To prohibit tourists and locals from entering the beach area with PET bottles, glass, or petroleum products, the Beach Administrator and Operator is working on the creation of a new regulation for Mazatlán, reported Roberto Terrones Cortés. 

The director of the Beach Administrator and Operator said that the issue of garbage is, and has become, a real problem for the environment; in fact, on each cleaning day, 200 to 300 kilos of garbage are removed from the beach areas on a daily basis. 

“I am at this moment, together with my team, trying to start creating a regulation for the entry of all citizens to the beaches, where they are not allowed to introduce plastic containers, PET bottles and especially glass, and if is that they support us with this measure, I think we can achieve many things, “he said.   

Terrones Cortés said that garbage is, unfortunately, a chronic problem that people have on the beaches, and the only way to end it is to raise awareness among the population and thus prevent them from getting dirty or becoming a garbage dump. 


The Mazatlan Post