Mazatlan Pulmonias fined for not having an acrylic covid barrier


The deadline to place the acrylic in the popular transport of the city expired in July

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Time given to install protective barriers last July for the pulmonías have expired they were to installed a division of acrylic as a health measure against Covid-19, staff of the Division of Municipal Transit began fining pulmonias that they did not comply with it.

In the information provided by the press department of the City Council, Jorge Samuel Alvarado Illustrious, Deputy Director of Traffic, explained that three units were detected in these conditions, for which they were transferred to the Citizen Security Center.

The units were released once the owners covered the fine corresponding to this offense.

He recalled that, as part of the health protocols to face the coronavirus pandemic, it was agreed with the leaders of the unions of this popular transport in Mazatlán that they should install a protection and safety acrylic so that the driver does not have direct contact with the passengers.

” The deadline expired last July, so the Transit elements will be fining the units that have not complied with this provision,” he said.

In case of recidivism, the pulmonias will be impounded.


The Mazatlan Post