Nafta case: Central Park land is outside the agreement … but they will be able to choose another and they will not pay taxes in 2022


The much questioned issue of payment or payment to the Arhe group with a land that ecologists preserve, was dropped from the agreement

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The treasurer of the Mazatlán City Council, Jesús Javier Alarcón Lizárraga, announced that one of the three lands that the municipality was agreeing with the Arhe Group to pay a debt of the 141 million pesos per the Nafta Lubricantes case was left out of the negotiation.

“The third piece of land (adjacent to the Forest of the City), is outside, it was not included, it is outside the agreement. We do send an appraisal, then, what they offered, and we brought the appraisal, because no agreement was reached, it is definitely left out, “he added.

The person in charge of the municipal coffers said that one of the options that they would give to the owners of Nafta Lubricantes, in substitution of the eliminated land, is that they see which property or real estate interests them and, if so, they would enter into negotiation.

Alarcón Lizárraga announced that the permits for the construction of the new apartment tower that the group of businessmen is building, plus the corresponding taxes and the property payment for all of 2022, would be paid to the debt of 141 million pesos.

He clarified that at the moment the businessmen do not owe any taxes for these items to the Commune.

The Nafta case has given cause to talk among the Mazatlan society, businessmen and politicians, who ask that the City Council pay the debt with cash, and not in kind.


The Mazatlan Post