Low mango prices affect producers in Escuinapa


They are paying them a kilo of fruit up to one peso with fifty cents

Escuinapa, Sin.- The low price of mango is causing effects on the producers of the municipality, as reported by Rogelio Padilla Salcido, leader of the municipal committee of the CNC.

The leader of the fruit sector commented that currently, the kilo of the fruit is presenting a very low price that is not affordable for the producer.

The prices fell a lot, right now they are paying very cheaply, it is getting to be worth up to 1.5 pesos, with that price there is no profit for the producers, it does not even come out to cover the expenses that are made.”

He added that these prices are like this because both the national and international markets are practically saturated due to the good production they had in other areas.

“The market is full right now, Nayarit had very good production and for the North of Sinaloa they are also having good production, that causes the markets to become saturated and prices to fall because the demand is lower, we are also struggling because not there are buyers, there are orchards that have not cut a ball because there is no one to buy. “

He said that there is a greater concern because the mango could ripen or also due to the humidity from the rains it could get sick and that would mean that it could not be exported.

Finally, he said that the only thing they will have left is to sell the fruit as they are paying for it, to avoid that it can be lost and not obtain anything.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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