Mazatlan rains increase reports of overflows and sewage leaks


The Benito Juárez, Villa Galaxia, Flores Magón, and Urías colonies are the settlements where they have been reporting the most

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The rains in the port have caused an upturn in reports of overflow and sewage leaks to the Jumapam, receiving between 10 and 11 reports a day.

“The issue of the rains affects us a lot, because all the lines are saturated and people immediately want it to be resolved. Many times we have to wait for the tide to go out, but when we go and attend, we see that it is the issue of garbage, we have this serious problem in Mazatlán, “ said Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, general manager of Jumapam.

He added that they try to attend to the reports as quickly as possible, but that people sometimes do not understand that they have to wait for the water levels to drop and they despair.

The colonies Benito Juárez, Villa Galaxia, Flores Magón, and Urías are the settlements where more cases of this type have been reported.

“They are very old colonies, where the pipes were very small and aside they are already in a very deplorable state, very old, but we have changed many pipes from 10 to 15 kilometers in what is all of Mazatlán and nowadays they are placed larger”, he added.

“We have had enough rains and with the rains, it is very difficult for us because of the fact that the Mazatlan still continues to throw out their garbage, our sumps are clogged and this garbage causes us to have drainage problems, the sewers are clogged, but we go with the trucks and we finished the problems, “he added.

In Citizen Services, drinking water leaks and overflowing drains are the second most recurrent complaints, only below public lighting; per month, the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage accumulates up to 300 reports.


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