Rain, lightning, and thunder! forecast for Sinaloa


Various systems will maintain a divided climate in the entity, so take precautions for rains and very hot and suffocating temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius

Sinaloa. – Partly cloudy sky during the morning and cloudy in the afternoon with very strong occasional rainselectrical discharges and possible hailstorms, with a west wind of 10 to 25 km / h with gusts of up to 50 km / h in storm areas, it comes with the weather forecast for this Monday, August 2 in Sinaloa


In its 24-hour weather forecast, the National Meteorological Service details that the rains this beginning of the week in the entity could accumulate up to 75 millimeters, and during the first hours of the day they will be concentrated in the areas of Culiacán, Guasave, Cosalá, Elota, San Ignacio, Mazatlán and Concordia.

At night they will spread to northern and central areas, also anticipating strong winds; However, during midday temperatures could reach up to 45 degrees Celsius with a high sensation of humidity. 

If you need to check the forecast in your municipality, we suggest you consult the SMN system here

For its part, the Meteored.mx service warns of the risk of storms mostly during the day and part of the night in Sinaloa; it foresees minimum temperatures of 27 degrees and maximum of 31; the levels of solar radiation and UV rays will be high of 8 points at 2:00 in the afternoon

The following graph shows the extended forecast of Meteored.mx for the main ones in Sinaloa today, August 2, 2021

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