In September construction of the Metrobús begins in Culiacán, it is AMLO’s promise!


Mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro reported that the President, during his visit to Sinaloa, also promised to help him reach an agreement with the IMSS and settle a City Council debt.

It is a fact: In September construction of the Metrobús begins in Culiacán, it is AMLO's promise!

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The President of the Republic Andrés Manuel López Obrador, approved the construction of the metrobús for Culiacán, and promised to allocate the necessary resources to complete the work, so that in the month of September it will be in conditions to start with the work of this project, informed the mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro.

The municipal president explained that during the visit of the national president to Sinaloa, he personally requested his help to execute this project, obtaining his approval and contributing 50 percent of the value of the work, which will come through the National Bank. of Works and Services (Banobras).

Estrada Ferreiro, did not know what the total cost of the new public transport will be, but announced that the State Government and the Culiacán City Council will contribute the amount of 135 million each, to start the work.

“It is authorized, a trust will be generated to deposit what corresponds to the City Council, what corresponds to the State Government, and from September it is the first scheduled work, the metrobús,” he explained.

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The first mayor specified that he also asked for his intervention before the Mexican Institute of Social Security, to reach an agreement with the City Council, and to be able to settle the debt of 300 million pesos left by previous municipal administrations. Ensuring that he would entrust the general director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo Aburto, to address the issue in the next visit he will make to the entity.

He added that he also approved the project to dredge the Culiacán, Humaya and Tamazula rivers, to address the issue of drinking water and prevent flooding, which is estimated at 170 million pesos, and which will be in charge of the National Water Commission ( With water).

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