Avoid driving through this area of ​​Mazatlán! It is flooded after the rains on Sunday


Monday, July 26, 2021 06:44

It is the Cruz Lizárraga avenue in the vicinity of the Palos Prietos neighborhood where there are also fallen branches; Remember to be careful in flooded areas, you never know what you may find underwater!

Mazatlan. – After the rains registered during the night of Sunday and part of the early morning of this Monday, some sectors of Mazatlán were flooded by a large amount of rain that was felt accompanied by winds that left branches lying in the street.

One of the sectors most affected at the moment is Cruz Lizárraga Avenue near the Palos Prietos subdivision, where between 200 and 300 meters of the street are found with puddles of between 15 and 18 centimeters.

It is also important to indicate that due to the winds, there are fallen branches, and traveling through the area can be very risky if your vehicle is small; To this is added that it is unknown if there are any open sewers, potholes, or objects that could cause the breakdown of your unit. 

So far it is reported that the electrical failures registered after the rainstorm have been solved during the early morning hours, however, if you register the problem in your sector, remember to report it to the CFE or directly to Línea Directa on our social networks or at the number 800 8384116.

This morning the El Toreo sector was also toured to see the small stream that is formed, and it was found that its level dropped, however, caution is recommended when circulating, even due to fallen branches and that even the water level covers the street and it does not show any damage in it.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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