Pacifico Beer owes Mazatlan Jumapan up to 300 million pesos


He who owes, let him pay! Jumapam counselor holds

Luis Guillermo Benítez, affirmed that Jumapan seeks that those who must get up to date with their consumption, and that includes everyone

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – It is not a persecution at all, but everyone equally pays for water consumption, is the slogan maintained by the Jumapam Council, which is why the case of Grupo Modelo is one of the several cases that are being addressed with other companies that carry debts, said Guillermo Romero Rodríguez.

The counselor of Jumapam indicated that beyond airing company names, or indicating with names and surnames, the intention is to create a culture of payment and create awareness of society itself to pay on time, which helps the paramunicipal recover its portfolio overdue.

“The Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage in Mazatlán is using general policies, but for everyone, so in this sense, consumption is being reviewed, companies that did not pay for water are being reviewed, I say I’m not going to give you details with name , but I can tell you what is being done ”.

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In that sense, the leader of the Canaco Mazatlán, Roberto Lem González, said that without exception they must adjust to those who owe their services, big or small, finally, it is how financial problems such as those that Jumapam lives should be solved.

“Whoever has debts must cover them not only with Jumapam, or with that paramunicipal, it must be like everyone, all even, that there is a level floor for everything, but we must all cover payment, no longer debts, payments, we must make them because we all consume light, we consume energy, we consume water ”.

According to the transcendent, the Grupo Modelo filed an AMPARO, and the case is ongoing, where the debt is estimated to reach 300 million pesos, but there are close negotiations to address the issue, while the supply of the vital liquid is toast for the moment. 


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