National Guard arrival in Sinaloa due to femicides should not take long


The deputy for the PAS, Angélica Díaz Quiñónez, stated that her request from the Tribune of the local Congress was heard by the authorities of the country, and she trusts that there will be a response shortly.

Culiacán, Sin.- The call he made from the platform for a special group of the National Guard to be sent to Sinaloa to work on the prevention of femicides because there are 15 cases so far in 2021 and they fear that crimes against women will continue, has not had an answer, declared Angélica Díaz Quiñónez. 

The local deputy for the PAS and president of the Human Rights Commission of Congress, trusted that the federal government will heed this cry for help to stop and punish the murders based on gender that place Culiacán in the first places at the national level for the stop the registration of the illicit. 

“Yes, if it is going to be attended and if not we are going to make another call through the tribune, because the truth is that feminicides are very serious in Sinaloa. We know that positioning is in power because I read it on the radio, “he said. 

He regretted that it is difficult for people who suffer domestic violence to report the threats they receive from the perpetrator, but they must have confidence in the authority because only in this way is it possible to help them get out of the aggressive environment that endangers their physical integrity.


The Mazatlan Post