Mazatlán’s Pradera Dorada 6 residents concerned of canal about to collapse


According to residents, the problem has persisted since 2018, when construction of the subdivision began and now they are afraid that it will collapse.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa (July 3, 2021).- Inhabitants of the Pradera Dorada 6 subdivision, in Mazatlán, live in uncertainty due to the deplorable conditions of the pluvial canal.

Patricia Rodríguez, a resident of the area since 2017, explained that the intense rains in 2019 began to damage the concrete on the sidewalks. She has asked for help from Grupo Mezta, but she assures that they only filled in.

She said that Grupo Mezta (the real estate company that sold them houses there), has been asked to repair the construction, but they refused to do so, arguing that the responsibility now belongs to the Mazatlán City Council. They say that despite the poor condition of the place, the Federal Electricity Commission installed the registers for the installation of electric power.

This situation causes fear among families, as the canal can collapse anytime and the electrical wiring can be damaged next to their homes.

What the families are asking is that the authorities together with the construction company take action on the matter, because they want to have a safe heritage and not to live in fear, because cargo trucks pass by every day and they estimate that this will be another factor for the road open up and collapse.

Source: Debate

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