Sinaloa Tragedy: 3 children drown when panga sinks


Two are brothers and they were rescued by fishermen along with eight other people who were traveling on the boat

Navolato, Sinloa.- Two girls and an adolescent drowned, and eight members of a family were rescued by fishermen when a panga sank in the Las Aguamitas fishing groundsyndicate of BachimetoNavolato municipality.

One of the deceased girls was named Dará Elizabeth, who was 6 years old, Dana Aureni, 8, and her brother José Martín, 14, all living in the El Castillo fishing ground.

Mueren tres niños en accidente en panga en Las Aguamitas

The version indicates that the 11 members of a family left the El Castillo fishing ground for the Las Aguamitas fishing ground, and as they were moving through the Las Aguamitas bay, the boat sank.

Fishermen who noticed the accident rescued eight people and at first, they also rescued the body of a girl, and the two brothers were missing.

Later they managed to rescue the other bodies and transferred them to the Las Aguamitas fishing field, and elements of the Navolato Municipal Civil Protection, as well as firefighters and Red Cross rescuers from the same municipality, moved to the place.

The corpses were transferred in pangas and municipal police demarcated the area with yellow tape so that personnel from the investigating authority could carry out their work in the place.

Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Directorate processed the area and investigating agents carried out the proceedings on what happened at sea.

The corpses of the girl along with the brothers, were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service, where they will perform the autopsy that is established by law in these cases.


The Mazatlan Post