Boosting Cosalá Sinaloa tourist image: a priority for the new government


The mayor-elect, Carla Corrales, maintains that this is an alternative that will help generate income for the mining municipality

Sinaloa.- The elected mayor of Cosalá, Carla Corrales points out that once she assumes her position her main task will be to resume the tourist course of the Magic Town.

She said that the other priority is to attack the problem of the drinking water network that has been another “headache” in recent times, which has clearly harmed the villagers.

“We are going to start tidying up our house, being able to solve and fix all the drinking water systems, cleaning our village, fixing all the cobblestone, painting the Historic Center, fixing its road, because our town is touristic and so we could generate more economic spillover“, she said.

She noted that today, they are dealing with better actions that will put Cosalá back as the Magical Town that it is.

“You have rivers, dams, waterfalls, hot springs, endless ecotourism, history and an amazing ecological reserve. Our town is small, but we need people to visit us, we have to give it that publicity, that our people need, to be able to do well, it is a Magical Town, and that in recent times has declined”.

She said that the bet is to rescue the municipality for tourism because it is a quiet and safe area for family recreation.

Cosalá was the first city in Sinaloa to join the Magic Towns program in 2005 and is considered the most prosperous population in northwestern Mexico, with more than 50 mines.


The Mazatlan Post