Facing INAH is the main challenge for real estate developers in Mazatlan’s Historic Center


Currently more than 50 works are being developed in that polygon and they are mostly single-family homes, so there are very few towers with apartments

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The director of Planning and Sustainable Development of the Mazatlán City Council, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, assured that the main challenge of a Responsible Director of Work is to more respect the area of ​​the Historic Center, which is supported by the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

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“The main challenge is to respect our Historic Center, no construction permit is given if it is not endorsed by the INAH, it’s that simple. There have been situations in which developers claim that they have problems with the INAH, and that is a requirement, if you are within the polygon that the INAH regulates, it is a requirement (to have the appropriate regulations), ”he explained.

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Regarding the modifications that are made to a large part of buildings or new constructions on the property of the Historic Center, Estavillo Kelly, argued that the INAH does not regulate the use of land, rather it regulates or supervises the historical monument, building, or enclosure, respect its architectural appearance.

“We intervene in the use of land in what can be developed whether it is family housing or commerce, whatever the polygon where it is located says, everyone has different vocation”, he commented.

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The municipal official said that, within the area of ​​the Historic Center, currently more than 50 works are being developed and they are mostly single-family homes.

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