Mazatlan municipal police officers and cadets receive training


The workshop given by the Internal Control Body will address issues of workplace harassment and sexual harassment

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the aim of promoting a better work environment in all government instances, the Internal Organ of Municipal Control began this Thursday with a training session on workplace harassment and sexual harassment, aimed at operational, administrative and cadet personnel. of the Ministry of Public Security.

Rafael Padilla Díaz, head of the ILO, explained that this training will be carried out at different municipal authorities and that together with the constant evaluations carried out by the agency in charge, it seeks to offer citizens increasingly better and more professional work.

“There are three workshops for personnel and cadets of the Ministry of Public Security on harassment and harassment at work. It is due to concerns that staff of the Secretariat have and second, within a training program that is held both in the Secretariat and in the Internal Control Body. What are we searching for? Improve the work environment ”, he pointed out.

For his part, the coordinator of the Professional Professionalization Unit, Jorge Luis Romero Alarcón, said that operational and transit police, administrative workers, commanders, and cadets were invited to be trained.

“It will be granted for three days in person, and one day via zoom for the remaining staff. It is so that people, who at some point may present such a situation, know where to file the corresponding complaint or what to do legally, “ added Romero Alarcón.

The officials added that the personnel who participate in the workshop will receive the corresponding certificate.


The Mazatlan Post