Changueras of Mazatlán set their sights on Father’s Day


Norma Leticia Beltrán mentioned that it is expected that there will be a greater influx of people in the next holiday period, where they estimate to reach one hundred percent in sales

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The shrimp vendors of Mazatlán, better known as the ‘Changueras’ set their sights on Father’s Day, as well as the next summer vacation period, where they expect there to be a greater flow of people to whom currently present, particularly on weekends. 

Norma Leticia Flores Beltrán, a member of the Union de Camaroneras mentioned that in recent weeks sales have remained at sixty or seventy percent during the weekends, while during the week they have remained at forty percent, which has been beneficial to the merchants. 

“Well, look, we have had a lot of sales, if there have been because apart from the fact that those days came, there have been a lot of football teams, basketball teams, so a lot of people have come from outside and there has been a lot of movement.” 

She expressed that the celebration of sporting events such as soccer and basketball has left an important spill for the merchants since the relatives of the athletes come to the place to consume fresh seafood for the preparation of meals or to take them to their places of origin. 

Flores Beltrán added that with all the progress that the vaccination process has in the country, they estimate that for the summer vacation period, the influx of people will be greater than what has been had in the port in recent weeks, especially in the last rest period such as Easter.


The Mazatlan Post