They begin with the cleaning of canals in Mazatlán


One of them is on Avenida a La Marina at the height of El Cid

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A few days after the first heavy rains began in the municipality, the city’s storm channels have already started to drain.

In the area, machinery was observed to remove mud sediments and also weeds. This, in the channel that connects La Marina avenue to the El Cid subdivision.

Cleaning this canal is important since the water that accumulates in La Marina avenue tends to flow into the aforementioned subdivision.


If the canal was not maintained, a large part of the El Toro and El Toreo subdivision would be flooded, as would some areas of the Alameda neighborhood.

Another of the canals that is also being cleaned is the one next to Francisco Solís avenue, also the one next to the San Fernando subdivision and part of the Jabalines stream.

This is done because, when the Jabalines stream brings a lot of water, it can flood several colonies, because it does not have enough flow to expand


The Mazatlan Post