Marines beat security booth personnel in the Cerritos area of ​​Mazatlán


Mazatlán Sinaloa.- This Saturday afternoon, personnel from private security booths in the hotel zone of Cerritos, publicly denounced that they were victims of physical attacks by elements of the Mexican Navy.

The complaint was sent to all the port’s digital news portals.

With photographs of the injuries suffered by those affected, they related what happened.

“They also grabbed me for no reason, they told me to speak to tell them who was passing by, but since many cars pass by, we don’t ask. They stung my neck with a stick and they also stuck it in my ribs, in the end, they left me locked inside the booth, ”the victim commented.

The guards commented that it is the second time that they are allegedly beaten by said elements, they also ask the authorities to help them, since the elements of the MARINA have violated their rights, even when they search them and find nothing, they violate them, they throw away their belongings and break everything in their path.

Likewise, an event center and other housing units are located on that avenue, so keeping them there is essential, say the neighbors of some lots, as they help to monitor if something happens or if they want to steal they notify the authorities.


The Mazatlan Post