Bishop of Mazatlán promotes vote for those who do not support equal marriages, euthanasia, or abortion


Mario Espinosa Contreras was clear in his message during the homily, analyze the vote and deliver it to those who comply with the guidelines of the Catholic Church and other religions

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mario Espinosa Contreras, bishop of the Diocese of Mazatlán, called on the Mazatlan congregation to analyze their vote well, although he invited to do so by those who do not defend equal marriages or any other position that threatens human life or contrary to the thoughts of the Catholic Church.

Within the homily this Sunday, the highest representative of the Catholic religion read a position, in which, although greater citizen participation is requested in the right to elect rulers, he spoke out against any proposal that speaks of union between people of the same sexabortion or euthanasia, since he said, violates the principles of Jesus Christ.

“We believers must see who is most in tune with our principles and values, and we also have to take that into account, for example, if someone is advocating euthanasia, we cannot vote for him because we must vote for those who promote the life, the same, those that better guarantee the religious freedom or the marriage of man and woman ”, said.

Espinosa Contreras mentioned that there is enough information available on the candidates’ proposals, in whom society should be interested in knowing before voting, always paying attention to their honor, consistency, and human sense, in addition to seeing who guarantees a good government, with greater development and respect for human dignity, especially those who respect life from conception to natural death.

In addition, he mentioned that the vote must be free and without conditions under the purchase of the same or by blackmail, since the rule of law of each citizen must be kept, in the decision to choose who to give the vote to, always, in the search for the possible good of citizenship.

“It is necessary that we all exercise our vote freely, secretly and conscientiously, understanding that each vote counts, we exhort all our people to make an effort of discernment, with the aim of choosing those who can best realize the authentic common good” , he referred.

Likewise, Espinosa Contreras said, he hopes that the electoral process will take place in a peaceful way, without incidents to regret, as well as respect for the decision of the majorities as to who is the winner of the different contests that will be in Sinaloa, as they are the position of governor, mayors, local and federal deputies.


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