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Coparmex launches the campaign ‘Participle, Voto y Exijo’ which has been taken as a stimulus to encourage citizen intervention and go out to vote on June 6

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Given the low voter turnout that has been registered in the last intermediate votes, Coparmex launched the campaign ‘Participle, Voto y Demand’ which has been taken as a stimulus to encourage citizen intervention and go out to vote the next June 6th.

Jorge García Félix, president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic, estimated that unfortunately in the intermediate elections such as the ones that are presented on this occasion, they do not even reach 30 percent of citizen participation, which is why he has launched this campaign.

“Intermediate votes here in Sinaloa do not even reach 30 percent of the electorate’s participation, which is very low for democracy, therefore, we need to encourage the vote and how can we do it? encouraging the vote of the citizen” he commented.

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García Félix added that a breakfast or lunch voucher will be given as a gift to make valid in any Panama restaurant and to the Mochis, Culiacán, or Mazatlán to all those collaborators who show their marked INE credential and who have voted freely and secretly.

“In the largest election in history, from Coparmex we want to be part of the solution, therefore with the campaign ‘I participate, I vote and I demand’, we have proposed to promote democracy and the importance of voting on June 6,” he said. .

The representative of the Mazatlan businessmen said that in this way they contribute to democracy and in turn show their collaborators the interest and appreciation they have towards them when exercising their civic rights.

“From Coparmex we make a call to citizens who, perhaps due to disappointment or exhaustion, decided for many years not to vote, to express themselves freely at the polls on this election day,” he said.


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