Tourist flow increases to Isla de la Piedra “Stone Island” in Mazatlan


Cesar Lizárraga, a member of the Union of Lancheros commented that the last two weekends there has been a double increase in passengers to the tourist destination

Como llegar a la isla de la piedra en Mazatlán , Sinaloa - YouTube

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A double, have increased the trips to the Isla de la Piedra , this possibly caused by the trust what about the citizens to the process of vaccination, which keeps hopefuls who work in the sector, said Cesar Lizarraga

The member of the Union of Lancheros del Embarcadero de la Isla de la Piedra mentioned that on weekdays up to four hundred people are registered, while on the last two weekends, on a workday and prior to mother’s day, the influx was up to eight hundred people. 

“In fact, we knew that people were a bit detained because of the contingency that there was, but the people, almost most of them, because you can see that they got the first vaccine, since people have already come out of that phobia that we were Everyone, a lot of people did come, but they came with respect and fear, but right now it is as if it was lost, but it is not good either, we have to follow the security protocol, it is for ourselves and for others ”. 

They lose their fear of COVID!  Tourist flow increases to Isla de la Piedra in Mazatlan

He expressed that the vaccination days have possibly influenced the confidence of the elderly in going to the tourist site, so he estimates that, with the following population groups with their dose applied, the summer is of greater flow and economic spill for the tourists of the ejido. 


Cesar Lizárraga added that they have high expectations about what the summer will be, where they expect the reactivation to be greater. 


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